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SQL Worklists are a handy Compulink feature that increases productivity and reduces the need to do manual data processing. While Compulink offers the ability to create SQL worklists, they do not offer any training or support on this feature. If you are interested in having us create your own worklists, contact Darla at for more information.

Contact Lens Page Not Created - Easily find patients missing Contact Lens pages when using Ledger Material Charges to sell contacts

Insurance Receivables (Includes 0-30 days) - Edit of Compulink's worklist that includes all billed charges 0-30 days

Ledger Audit - Displays all edits, including deletions, on a patient ledger 

Appointments by Date - Displays appointments for any date in a worklist view

Appointments with Specific Status without Future Appointment - All appointments with status of your choice between two dates without a future appointment (NEW!)

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